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Who is ARMA?, and why it is one organization you might want know about…

Roof Cleaning to ARMA standards

An Introduction to ARMA

Since 1915, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association has been the main voice supporting the asphalt roofing industry in the development and advancement of superior technology and quality products. It's been providing a unified message in matters reflecting product development, regulation compliance, and public awareness. 

This might sound like some corporate organization you should not care about, but sticking to their standards can literally save you thousands of dollars on your home!

What is ARMA's Role and Significance?

The mission of ARMA is to promote asphalt roofing; that's why their recommendations are crucial in the residential housing industry:

1. Standards of the Industry and Best Practices: 

ARMA defines the standards of the industry regarding asphalt roofing, which ensures consistency and quality across the board. These guidelines aid manufacturers to make dependable and durable roof systems that meet and exceed the performance demanded of them.

2. Educational Resources: 

ARMA maintains an extensive library of resources — technical bulletins, research findings, and best practices. For the contractor, architect, and homeowner, these materials are crucial to be apprised concerning the ever changing advancements and techniques in asphalt roofing. 

3. Advocacy and Representation: 

ARMA provides a legislative and regulatory voice for the asphalt roofing industry. Their aim is to work with others in order to influence policies affecting the industry so that regulations are considered balanced and that they are reasonable and good for manufacturers and consumers.

4. Research and Innovation:

On a continuing basis, ARMA sponsors applied, long-term research. The Asphalt Roofing Industry defines areas representative of all asphalt roofing manufacturer systems not being adequately addressed through industry efforts or a lack of sufficient published product information.

 The ultimate objective of all its research is to develop new materials or new systems to yield improvements in the durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability of roofing systems.

Why Recommendations of ARMA Matter to you…

There are several reasons why recommendations by ARMA matter to a homeowner:

Quality assurance: 

The instructions given by ARMA are for the best application and long life of a roofing system. This also gives you standards to aim for when working or negotiating with contractors working on your home. Empowering you to protect your investment!

Warranty Compliance: 

Manufacturers often require adherence to ARMA guidelines for coverage under their product warranties. Failure to comply can void warranties, and this can result in expensive repair or replacement costs. Such as pressure washing your roof with anything over 300 PSI voids your warranty! Click here for more info

Cost Savings:

Proper installation and general maintenance as recommended by ARMA can prevent some of the most common roofing problems, saving the homeowner thousands of dollars or more over the lifetime of your roof.

Safety and Environmental Benefits: 

Recommendations from ARMA also include safety and environmental considerations, recommending good practice that is not harmful to the workers and the environment. Cause we all want to keep Alaska as pristine as possible!

ARMA (asphalt roofing manufacturers association)

ARMA’s role in cleaning your roof and proper maintenance

To make sure that your asphalt roof lasts long and performs well, proper roof cleaning and maintenance is crucial. As a company that specializes in cleaning and repairing roofing, let's get into how they save you money and keep your warranty in check:

Regular Inspections

Carry out regular roof inspections at least two times a year and after significant weather events to catch potential issues early. These inspections need to include:

Checking for Damage:

Look for things like cracks, blisters, or missing shingles.

Assessing Shingle Condition:

The condition of shingles can be checked for curling or buckling along with bare spots on the shingles.

Inspection of Flashing:

Make sure that all flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights is tight and in place.

Gutters and Downspouts:

Ensure that the gutters and downspouts are free of all dirt and plant matter. This will provide for free flow of water from the roof. 

This is one of the biggest problems we see in Alaska, backup with our harsh winters can cause leaking and massive ice dam buildup. Gutter maintenance can prevent many unwanted and expensive winter issues.

Cleaning Your Roof

Periodic cleaning goes a long way when it comes to maintaining the good looks and functionality of your asphalt roof. Here's why and how to clean it effectively:

Prevents Algae and Moss Growth:

Algae and moss lead to shingle deterioration due to the moisture they hold. Their removal should be through simple detergent solution and water. Don't perform high-pressure washing of your shingles as it will damage them.

Prevents Debris:

Debris like leaves and small broken branches may gather dirt to create an organic layer that traps moisture in one spot. Regularly remove this debris to prevent roof damage and ensure good water drainage.

Address Stains:

Stains due to algae or any other reason can mar the look of the roof. Also, certain types of stains can point toward specific issues. Use the right cleaning methods to address stains without damaging the shingles.

How Proper Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Is Cost-Effective

Proper roof cleaning and maintenance, according to ARMA, are beneficial for saving money in the following ways:

Increases long-lasting roof: 

A well-maintained roof will last longer, postponing the day of spending a massive amount on its replacement. Regular cleaning and timely repair of the damages prevent small problems from becoming significant issues; hence, the well-maintained condition will be maintained for the long term.

Reduction in repair costs: 

Detecting and solving potential problems in the early stage saves from much higher expenses later. The cost-saving process in maintenance sustains preventing leaking, structural damage, and many other issues causing expenditures at a high rate.

Enhances energy efficiency: 

A clean roof will definitely reflect sunlight more efficiently, reducing heat absorption and demand for cooling with a subsequent ease on the energy bill. Proper ventilation and insulation also assure good energy efficiency and thereby cost efficiency.

A well-maintained roof enhances the overall appearance and value of your home. Should you decide to sell, a good roof can be a significant selling point, potentially increasing your property's market value.


Furthermore, warranty can be extremely important when fixing your home, here are some further considerations to keep in mind:

Keeping Your Warranty Intact

Many roofing manufacturers offer warranties that cover materials or workmanship. Still, these means usually come with precise maintenance requirements. Here's a detailed look at how proper cleaning and maintenance keep your warranty in force:

Compliance with Warranty Terms

You'll find most warranties contain requirements for inspections and routine maintenance. When you meet these requirements, your warranty stays valid. You can proceed with peace of mind, knowing the manufacturer will pay if something goes wrong.

Record Keeping of Maintenance

Keep detailed records of all inspections, cleanings, and repairs. This documentation can be crucial in the event of a warranty claim, as it shows that you have been following the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance.

Professional Maintenance

Since certain warranties require that maintenance and repairs be performed by a licensed professional. And not just any professional: It's a must to hire a qualified roofing contractor, so that work is done correctly, and according to warranty terms


The work of ARMA in the roofing industry cannot be overemphasized, providing standards, advocacy, and education that benefits manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners.

Adhering to ARMA's recommendations for proper roof cleaning and maintenance not only extends the life of your roof but also saves you money and ensures that your warranty remains valid.

By investing in regular inspections, cleaning, and prompt repairs, you can avoid costly issues, enhance your roof's performance, and protect your home's value. Furthermore, one can trust in the expertise of ARMA and follow their guidelines, ensuring a smart investment in the longevity and durability of one's asphalt roofing system.

At The Moss Busters of Alaska, we take ARMA's recommendations and standards very seriously. We only use their proven methods and best practices, ensuring to keep your roof as healthy for as long as possible.

Contact us today to get started with a free estimate on your roof inspection!

The Moss Busters of Alaska

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